Protect Our Schools

No more children murdered in our schools.

No more parents sending a child to school who never comes home.

No more teachers, coaches, principals, librarians, or any school staff standing between students and a gunman.

No more.

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Inspired by the courageous young people across the nation, students, parents, educators and community advocates are joining together to take action on gun violence in schools. Together we must take up the students’ call, “No more.”

We call on every individual and community in America to join us—in a way that makes sense for them—to demand that our leaders take real action to end gun violence in our schools and to protect our students.

We know that this problem can be solved. America is one of the few nations where mass-shootings are commonplace. Mass murder in our schools is not a predetermined outcome that we must be prepared for —it is a consequence of decisions made by our elected leaders.

The problem extends beyond mass shootings. Gun violence affects the lives of our students far too often, inside and outside of schools. Gun violence affects too many youth, especially in communities of color, on a daily basis. It is far past time for our leaders to take real action when it comes to gun violence. Because they have not acted, we must.

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Stand With Us to End Gun Violence in
Our Schools And Communities!

I pledge to join students, parents, educators, and other community leaders in making my voice heard by taking action to end gun violence in our schools and communities. Enough is enough! We can no longer stand by silently while gun violence continues to threaten the safety of our students, schools and communities. We demand that leaders take action to pass comprehensive laws to end gun violence NOW!

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A Plan To Stop Mass Shootings and End Gun Violence in American Schools

The report provides clear guidance for lawmakers to support policies that have proven to be effective at preventing gun violence and supporting safe and healthy learning environments.

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Bill of Rights for Safe Schools and Communities

100 student representatives from across the country wrote and adopted an organizing document for civic engagement activity focused on reducing the gun violence that has affected far too many young lives.

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School Crisis Guide

NEA’s comprehensive guide helps schools prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from tragedies like school shootings

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Wear Orange

Wear Orange Weekend starts on June 1st — National Gun Violence Awareness Day — where people all over the country will show their support for gun violence prevention online and on the ground in cities and states across the country.


Keep Guns out of Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Help make the case why guns in schools are a bad idea with this fact sheet from Everytown for Gun Safety.

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The Sandy Hook Promise

Led by family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, this nonprofit empowers parents, schools, and community organizations to deliver gun violence prevention programs and mobilize for the passage of sensible state and national policy.

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Discussion Guide

The Brady Campaign prepared background intended to support classroom discussions about gun violence prevention and to encourage students’ thinking and debate on the issue.

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